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From the Darkness of Evil Into God's Light by Ken Warzyniak

From the Darkness of Evil Into God's Light

by Ken Warzyniak

198 pages
This book brings new meaning to law enforcement.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
No one truly knows what goes on throughout the streets of Baltimore City; no one that is, except the victims of the night and the police officers that work hard to protect them. Ken Warzyniak spent 11 years in the underbelly of the darkness of evil. He experienced unspeakable things as he fought for justice and fought to protect the citizens of the city he calls home. His story is one that will have you shaking your head in disbelief at the evil that lurks around every corner. It wasn't until he found the saving grace of God that he was finally able to leave the darkness behind and step into the light.

An incredible story of courage, perseverance, and Divine Intervention, From the Darkness of Evil, into God's Light will leave you stunned, inspired, and unwaveringly grateful for the men and women who tackle the monumental job of keeping our streets safe.

After reading this, you will have a newfound appreciation for the risks law enforcement officers take to keep us safe!


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About the Author
As a rookie Baltimore City police officer, Ken Warzyniak never anticipated his first night on the job would come so close to being his last. In his memoir, he offers an inside look at the perils and policies of one of the most dangerous cities in the US.



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