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The Lizard with Golden Feathers by Alvin Wander

The Lizard with Golden Feathers

by Alvin Wander

288 pages
A financial genius who is a psychotic killer

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
A deadly financial genius, with a devastating agenda has defrauded billions from the U.S. and foreign countries and kills anyone in her way. Against a backdrop of duplicitous gamesmanship and sexual intrigue, this brilliant, seductive blonde is chased in a globe-spanning drama by an ex-Israeli spy. What begins as a story of her life evolves into a dark razor-sharp piece of murder and intrigue.

Nicole Lawrence, the Lizard, is the uncompromising killer who narrates her development from a horrifying childhood to a Wall Street superstar. She stops at nothing to achieve her objectives. David Korman, a retired spy, undertakes the deadliest assignment of his career. He first tracks her to a mansion in a remote part of New Zealand. In her captivating style while in exile, she unwittingly discovers and destroys a major drug ring operating in Nigeria and successfully conspires to murder its leader.

To escape her tracker, the Lizard undergoes facial surgery and flees to Moldova, a tiny European country, where she joins two criminals to brazenly swindle that government of billions. She then mercilessly murders her associates and returns to the U.S., where she steals plans for a secret weapon that the Russians have desperately been pursuing.

The Lizard once again escapes in a chilling chase through Cuba and Panama; this time, to Argentina, where she begins to deal with the rage that lives within her. Finally, in Buenos Aires, an ex-FBI agent who seeks vengeance for the Lizardís acts unleashes an unexpected chain of heart-stopping surprises. Once a trap is set in motion, it ultimately tests the Lizardís ability to continue on her merciless journey.


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About the Author
Alvin Wander Alvin Wander enjoyed a successful career as a top financial executive at international companies for 25 years. Later, he joined a major Florida university and served in the finance faculty for 12 years. He has previously authored two published thrillers.



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