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Reflections in Red by Alvin Wander

Reflections in Red

by Alvin Wander

248 pages
Mystery of a serial killer roaming Manhattan and the chase to apprehend.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
In this story, a killer stalked the streets of Manhattan and mercilessly strangled women. Randomly selecting his targets, he placed a ribbon around the victimís neck, post-mortem, and tied a bow centered to their faces. The media created a city-wide buzz called the Red Ribbon Murders. The police were frustrated by the random selection of the killerís targets and the absence of any clues.

A brilliant retired Israeli spy, David Korman, an attractive man who drank too much and loved the company of women, undertook the deadliest assignment of his career when he agreed to find and capture the killer. He uncovered suspects and thrilling chases exposed bizarre hidden crimes and agonizing dysfunctional secrets from their past. In the course of the chases, David uncovered an illegal drug operation and is nearly killed after locating its source.

When a woman who has developed a miracle drug that claims to regenerate brain cells in stroke patients appeared, it seemed to be a financial windfall for the Wall Street firm representing her. That is, until one of the women employed at the financial firm is killed and another, a key employee of the drug firm, was murdered. David learned that the results of the drug research were manipulated, and he exposed a billion-dollar fraud perpetrated by the owner of the drug firm.

This dark, sharp story of murder and intrigue, reminiscent of detective stories of the sixties, takes many turns until the killer is identified in a surprising twist.


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About the Author
Alvin Wander Alvin Wander has had a successful career as a financial executive at several international companies for over 25 years. Later, after a successful career as an entrepreneur, he taught corporate finance at a major Florida university for 12 years. He presently lives in Florida and has previously authored three mystery thrillers. His first novel, The Silent Lion was followed by the best-selling Deadly Ambitions and The Lizard With Golden Feathers. Wander has also won local awards as an artist.



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