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Are You Jesus' Disciple? Five Discourses of Jesus Christ in the Book of Matthew by John R. Tucker Jr.

Are You Jesus' Disciple? Five Discourses of Jesus Christ in the Book of Matthew

by John R. Tucker Jr.

170 pages
Thirty-seven important topics from the teachings of Jesus Christ

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About the Book
The title of this book asks ďAre you Jesusí Disciple?Ē It emphasizes the five discourses taken from the Book of Matthew as taught by Jesus Christ. As readers progress through the pages, the words of Jesus seem to come alive in His teachings. The book illustrates that believers and non-believers should ask themselves if they are truly living the life, or want to live the life, that Jesus demands of them. The five discourses include: ethics, missions, the Kingdom, community life and judgment. Within these discourses and teaching, the disciples of that time were instructed how to properly live their lives as Christians and how to reach others with the same message. There were also some believers and non-believers who gathered near the disciples to listen to this intriguing Teacher. Those who did not believe were simply following the crowd. However, some took His words to heart and wanted to hear more. Today, Christians and non-Christians can read the discourses and make a decision as to what they believe or not believe.

By the end of the book, readers should find themselves asking if they are a person who is meek, a person who mourns for their failures and other peopleís problems, a person who hungers and thirsts for righteousness, a person who is merciful, a person who is pure in heart, a person who is a peace-maker, and a person who allows himself or herself to be falsely persecuted, insulted, and accused when in the process of pleasing the Heavenly Father. The Bible tells us that these efforts make up the foundation of being a true Christian.

This book includes extensive research involving the five discourses of Jesus Christ and will make everyone aware of what Jesus expects of them. It will also serve as a great Bible study and prove to be an exciting test for individuals or groups. Every person who has ever questioned the need to become a disciple of Jesus should read this book.


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About the Author
John R, Tucker, Jr., a devout believer of Jesus Christ, resides in Baden, Pennsylvania. He has a Bachelorís Degree in Engineering, retiring after 34 years with U. S. Steel Corporation.

The author has written forty Bible studies and participated in an organization known as Christian Business Menís Connection.



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