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Moon Over Troubled Waters by Janice Peck Vandine

Moon Over Troubled Waters

by Janice Peck Vandine

180 pages
Ten days before her wedding, Angela finds many stumbling blocks

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Angela was living in an apartment with two friends she’d met at a Christian weekend while taking extra courses at her alma mater. They’d become counselors for teens in trouble and their first case, a girl who had tried to commit suicide and a child of parents involved with drugs, needed a place to live. The girl is attending college and sleeping on the couch in the apartment.

Although Angela is to be married in ten days, she has volunteered to shadow the trou-bled teen while the couple accepts a Utah skiing package as a Christmas gift.

Angela’s feeling for this girl weren’t the best and she soon finds out this eighteen-year-old girl is hard to keep track of and can give her many concerns.

In the meantime, her fiancé has been invited to assist the local pastor in the Methodist Church. As luck would have it, the ailing minister falls and breaks his hip as the Christ-mas season begins. Noah has to wing it and figure out his duties.

Angela needs to learn how to become part of her future husband’s life while trying to deal with past problems that take her off guard. Her stepfather’s wayward daughter, an eternal problem to the family, comes to her parent’s house for get-away money and turns out to be a friend of Madison’s.

After a day trip to the northern part of Vermont, Angela learns there might be hope for this girl after all. While the family deals with the problems and celebrates the holiday season, they manage to continue to put together the wedding, scheduled for New Year’s Eve.

It was a known fact to her friends and family that when Angela was in her teen years, she would look into the sky at night. If things were dreadful, she imagined the moon to have a face that appeared to be frowning, but if circumstances looked bright and were going well, it would appear the moon would be smiling. They continued to remind her of this fantasy."



About the Author
Janice Peck Vandine Janice Peck Vandine lives and works on her daughter’s dairy farm in Georgia, Vermont. Her history of working with teens, on a farm, as a nursing assistant and then joining her minister husband in two churches helped evolve experiences for her lifelong dream of writing.



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