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COUNTDOWN TO DESTINY: Book Two in the Genesis Directive Series by John G. Schieman

COUNTDOWN TO DESTINY: Book Two in the Genesis Directive Series

by John G. Schieman

374 pages
Genesisí focus remains the establishment of a new world order.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Genesisí resolute focus of establishing a new world order, with its operatives entrenched in strategic positions of power, appears unstoppable.

Cyber terrorism is the Genesis weapon of choice, engendering mistrust among world governments, established institutions, and financial markets while expropriating billions to finance its ambitions.

The Genesis Directive looms on the horizon like an immense storm gathering strength. When that storm subsides, the global balance of power will have been altered in unimaginable proportion.


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About the Author
John G. Schieman John Schieman resides in New Jersey although he is a Maui Man at heart. Johnís literary goal is to unleash his creative imagination, authoring compelling stories that entertain, provoke, and enable collaboration with his readership.

John holds a Masterís Degree in Economics from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.



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