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The Genesis Directive by John G. Schieman

The Genesis Directive

by John G. Schieman

742 pages
Genesis is a stealth organization establishing a new world order.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Uncover the truth behind the headlines and misinformation continually spewed out through the media. Discover the eminent threats of cyber terrorism compromising your personal identity and accumulated wealth.

This is a story pitting personal freedom and “free will” against those who would conspire to control our ideals, alter our social fabric, and reshape our historical perspectives. Left unchecked, this narrative also offers a glimpse into future inevitabilities.

Our chronicle begins when a vibrant yet tranquil northern New Jersey town is rocked through a series of horrific events indelibly scarring the community and traumatizing its citizens for a generation to come. Those events form the foundation of an unpredictable story leaving you guessing until the very end.

Happenstance positioned Detective James Ryan at the scene as those heinous proceedings as they unfolded. What ensued tested the detective’s moral fiber, challenged his fortitude, and altered his life forever.

Genesis is a stealth organization of global proportions intent on creating a new world order. Fully committed, their end game always justifies the mean regardless of the consequences. Under a cloak of anonymity, they have succeeded in overthrowing governments, redistributing wealth, and influencing public opinion on a massive scale.

Crisis is the summoner of greatness in average men.

Detective Ryan is such a man drawn to greatness while retaining his strong faith and undying commitment to family and friends. Investigate the case along with the detective and his team as they methodically confront the embodiment of pure evil that is Genesis. Unravel the clandestine nature of Genesis as you gain access to internet Blog sites containing valuable clues and gain the ability to generate e-mails offering advice to Ryan and his team on how to solve the case.

This epic story has only just begun!


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About the Author
John G. Schieman John Schieman resides in New Jersey and when he is not there, he can be found on Maui. John’s literary goal to unleash his creative imagination writing compelling stories that entertain, provoke, and collaborate with his readership.

John holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from Rutgers University.



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