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Footprints of the Capitol Astrologer by Janice A. Stork

Footprints of the Capitol Astrologer

by Janice A. Stork

232 pages
A fascinating memoir of an astrologer serving as political aide.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Astrology
About the Book

In a revealing and powerful memoir, popular astrologer Janice Stork recounts her life that started out innocently on a chicken ranch in San Diego, California. As time went by her difficult childhood brought with it many questions about life that sent her on a spiritual quest that took her of all places to work for the California Legislature.

At first her job was to offer clerical support to different members' offices in the State Capitol building. During the evenings she studied astrology charts of key political figures in the news and saw people who came to her for readings. By the time more than 32 years had past, she had met with the Speaker of the Assembly behind closed doors; touched the bullet-proof vest a legislator wore during his recall election; sat in Committee next to California's first female Speaker of the Assembly; and tasted the spilt blood of politics.

After 32 years had past, Janice Stork had become an accomplished astrologer that once had astrology legislation signed into law by Governor Ronald Reagan and was known as the "Capitol Astrologer." Blending politics and astrology, this book covers political figures such as former Assembly Speakers Willie L. Brown, Jr. and Jessie (Jess) Unruh; Congressman Gary Condit, once a member of the "Gang of Five;" former President William (Bill) Clinton; and President George Bush.


Stork melds the worlds of planets and politics, telling the story of her life as an insider at the Capitol through an astrological perspective.
- Sushma Subramanian, Sacramento News & Review
Sushma Subramanian
Sacramento News & Review
The book is difficult to put down, if for no other reason than to search for new bits of Capitol lore.
- Larry Lynch, Political Pulse
Larry Lynch
Political Pulse
She began her 32 year political career looking over the shoulders of legislators quietly scribbling a diary that was to become Footprints of the Capitol Astrologer. Imagaine 'West Wing' meets 'Upstairs Downstairs' but set in Sacramento. The book is peppered with political brass and is also laced with Stork's own personal saga as the mother of a son conceived by an illicit affair with a legislator.
- Kathy Les, California Journal
Kathy Les
California Journal


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About the Author
Janice A. Stork Janice Stork became known as the "Capitol Astrologer" while serving as a political aide to the Legislature. She has been a lifelong student of esoteric philosophy, studying mysticism, magic, ancient Egyptian teachings, Native American traditions, and is a Reiki Master III.



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