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Communicating with the Fourth Dimension by Janice A. Stork

Communicating with the Fourth Dimension

by Janice A. Stork

160 pages
Extraordinary mystical experiences journeying into the fourth dimension.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural
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About the Book
In the book, Communicating with the Fourth Dimension, Janice will shake the belief foundations of her readers when she takes them with her on the extraordinary journey that has been her spiritual quest. She is candidly open about what she has witnessed as a professional astrologer, one who has worked with literally thousands of clients and has peered into the innermost recesses of their past and present lives. Janice also reveals the consequences she has suffered for accidentally venturing into and playing with the realms of both white and black magic. Furthermore, she also shares her intimate relationship with her Spirit Guide, Akar, who brings her closer to God and understanding her life purpose.



About the Author
Janice Stork is a 40-year veteran astrologer. She has been a lifelong student of esoteric philosophy, studying mysticism, magic, herbology, ancient Egyptian mystery teachings, and various Native American shamanic traditions. However, she learned her ultimate spiritual truths through firsthand experience communicating with the fourth dimension. This is her third book.



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