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IN SEARCH OF RESILIENCE: Developmental and Motivational Perspectives of African American Men by Fred Stinson III

IN SEARCH OF RESILIENCE: Developmental and Motivational Perspectives of African American Men

by Fred Stinson III

324 pages
Resilience, Resilient, Substance Use, Crack Cocaine, African American men, Developmental, Motivational, Perceptions, Spirituality, Treatment

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
In Search of Resilience is a superb integration of multidimensional processes that described super-kids and resilient adults. This series of books peel away the layers of thinking and traits that demonstrate how Homo sapiens have strived beyond their wildest dreams. This book depicts how the child without neither parent strives, how the kids who are constantly bullied find strength to face their foes, how a woman can endure many calamities yet care tenderly for her family, how a man who despite his intelligent test score moves beyond the stars and achieve his dream. This is a non-fictional account of how people become resilient to adversity and how psychotherapist can help people get off the sideline and get into the game of LIFE.

Life as we know it is made from tapestry of developmental and motivational perceptions. These perceptions influence the conscious and unconscious way we see the world around us. It may not be pretty or serene at the moment but keep moving forward and you will find resilient traits that can sustain you along your journey. Using your lens, this book challenges you to see the diversity in life issues and how various issues can trigger a domino effect that can DOOM you or TRANSFORM you. The wisdom presented in this volume pushes you to rise and achieve your personal achievements despite your inherit selfish intentions.

In Search of Resilience reveals the psychological processes related to reducing negative symptoms while maintain focus on the ultimate gold of life to live for a purpose. The researcher collected the best articles from the best minds of psychology and utilized it to construct relevant data on self-awareness and the behaviors that are motivated by it. Thus, if you feel lost or sitting idle on the sideline give yourself a break and read the sentences in this book. You may find a psychological pattern that may be keeping you bound to low land living or lock and load hour by hour on instant gratification. We have found that calming the storms in your mind is always the best place to begin transformational thinking and behavior. It is proven moreover that psychotherapy can help established and reinforced new pathways to resilient thinking and behaviors.

This book takes a fresh scientific approach to the study of self, emphasizing recent research in understanding developmental and motivational aspects of self-functioning. Cognitive perceptions on resilient traits have dominated the literature; however, the integration of past and present works has not highlighted the multidimensional facets of self, social identity, and cultural development. This book includes an impressive set of chapters authored by a researcher who has tapped into the cutting-edge technology of blending cultural oriented recovery (COR) strategies to maximize self-functioning and purpose. I think this book is a must read for parents, educators, clinicians, prevention specialists, and policymakers. It cut across several field of study from clinical, developmental, personality, and social psychology. It is a splendid read of resilience, human motivation, and taking action.


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About the Author
Fred Stinson III Fred Stinson III, PhD is has over 20 years experiences with co-occurring disorders. His clinical and research interests focus on etiology of prevention and treatment strategies. His goal is to offer evidence-base methods that help people loss the desire to use drugs and begin the radical transformation to resilience.



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