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Walk with God for 30 Days: Victorious Living by Dr. Fred Stinson III

Walk with God for 30 Days: Victorious Living

by Dr. Fred Stinson III

42 pages
Do you struggle with earthly conflicts and beliefs? This book guides you into daily devotional that will strengthen your thoughts so that you can be victorious with God. Become victorious in all that you do and undertake.

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About the Book
As a therapist, Dr. Fred encourages you to walk with God for 30 days, rest, then repeat the process again and again. See how inner thoughts that praise God can substantially improve your well-being and set the foundation for victorious living. Allow Godís word to carry you throughout each day.

Declare Godís promises over your life. God has great things waiting for you and He desires that you reach your full potential.

Victorious Living is yours today! As you spend quality time in His Word, you will soon begin to experience a life of discovery and empowerment.

Dr. Fred Stinson is a psychotherapist, CEO (SEI), author, and professor. Over the past 35 years, he has been instrumental in sharing spiritual and scientific growth strategies with Godís people.



About the Author
Dr. Fred Stinson III Fred Stinson III is a psychotherapist and professor residing in rural Georgia. Fred likes engaging in scientific research on psychological topics. He has been a motivational speaker for many years. He is the author of three highly requested books. He loves to travel, tour historical places, and dine out.



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