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Twisted Justice  II by Rube Waddell

Twisted Justice II

by Rube Waddell

376 pages
Prosecutorial Misconduct is poisoning the public and jurors before trial date.

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Category: Law
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About the Book
When a prosecutor makes a rush to judgment before he knows all the facts, he is beginning to decide a case before it goes to trial. He insidiously develops a personal bias against the defendant. Prosecutorial action before trial can poison the minds of the public and potential jurors thus setting the stage for a wrongful conviction. Any court action used to predetermine an outcome makes us all vulnerable to injustice and eventual anarchy. When the concept of 'innocent until proven guilty' is tossed aside we enter into Judicial Tyranny! Anarchy is the unintended destiny of purposeful illegal use of the law! Premeditated Injustice is viewed, discussed, challenged, and dissected for the layman.

The facts presented ion this book need to be published and made known. The defendant was guilty of stupidity but not of murder. This book displays the ill intent of some prosecutors and sadly shows how one man sits behind bars for nearly forty years for a crime he didn't commit.


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About the Author
Rube Waddell Rube Waddell is a retired Air Forced Colonel. He recently completed a move from Eagle Neck Airpark in Georgia back to Panama City, Florida. In his new he book positions himself as an advocate against prosecutorial misconduct and wrongful convictions by prosecutors choosing to 'win at all costs', justice discarded.



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