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Crying Blood by Rube Waddell

Crying Blood

by Rube Waddell

342 pages
POWs in Hanoi prison and their treatment

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
On 12 February 1973, the first of 591 POWs lifted off in a C-141 aircraft into the sky over North Vietnam returning these POWs to the USA in "Operation Homecoming". These POWs brought with them numerous tales of torture and maltreatment at the hands of NVA interrogators. Some POWs never returned! The most shocking revelation regarding treatment of POWs was the existence of "The Cuba Program". Fidel Castro dispatched a group of Cuban Military Officers and Enlisted personnel to North Vietnam to train NVA interrogators in the use of harsh, torturous techniques to extract information. A Native-American family from Oklahoma lost their father, and F-105 Pilot, at the hands of these Cuban interrogators. In Native-American culture and folklore, when a family member is lost in battle, it becomes 'crying blood' and must be revenged. The eldest son of this family sets out on a journey to revenge the loss of their father. This book, "Crying Blood" is the first of three books detailing his adventure. The second book, "Cobra Undercover" and the third book, "Cuba's Most Wanted" completes this international excursion of revenge.


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About the Author
Rube Waddell is a retired Air Force Colonel and fighter pilot. He and his wife live at Eagle Neck Air Park just south of Savannah, Georgia. He earned his B.S. Degree fron UNC Chapel Hill, NC, and the University of Maryland. He is a writer of military fiction.



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