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SPIRIT OF THE WOLF: A Ghost Warrior Adventure - Book IV by Matthew Mark Lukenjon

SPIRIT OF THE WOLF: A Ghost Warrior Adventure - Book IV

by Matthew Mark Lukenjon

112 pages
SPIRIT OF THE WOLF is a Christmas story that will make you want to stand up and cheer! When seven children and Tippy the Wonder Mutt are buried by a massive avalanche, the story goes around the world as the holiday nears and searchers struggle to find survivors. A girl in Japan and Indian George hold the fate of the children in their hands. Hearts will smile when you see so much Love poured out...

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
The boys never once regretted their decision to honor the Legend of the Cat. They had done something good and on their own found some good people to help them. The sticking point with parents was not so much that they did something bad but they didn’t tell the parents WHAT they were doing. Of course that was the catch 22 of all their grand schemes. You know what I mean. If you tell your parents and they say NO, then what. So they didn’t tell and once again, in spite of being hailed as hero’s, they had crossed the line of trust again and were back in the dog house.

Of course parents aren’t always just big meanies. They actually gave the boys some credit for doing the right thing but once again the leashes were re-attached which limited the boys wanderings. ANOTHER SUMMER would be lost. Their snivel calendar started filling up with “Oh woe is me’s”, and it felt good to whine and complain.

Slowly the leashes got a bit longer and it allowed the boys to find a new adventure that would gladden their hearts. Of course, “Into each life a little rain must fall” applies to all the best laid plans of mice and men and the boys were unable to escape the capricious humor of the gods and in the process of the rain/hurricane those rascal gods would send the boys, their three flatlander friends and David’s cousin into center of a whirlpool of disaster.
The whole world witnessed their peril and marshalled the resources of mothers around the globe to help in the only way they knew how, by sending Love, Food and Prayers to the searchers.

This final chapter in the boys lives is a Christmas Story that will make you stand up and cheer. Follow these boys, as once again, believing they can build and do anything, they work out a plan of escape from the greatest danger that they have ever faced.


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About the Author
Matthew Mark Lukenjon The author of the Ghost Warrior series grew up at Donner Lake California. He has 4 college degrees 10 Grandchildren says he is approaching "Older Than Dirt" status and loves life with all it's follies and foibles that bring such rich flavors to living.



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