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THE STONECUTTER'S SECRET: A Ghost Warrior Adventure - Book II by Matthew Mark Lukenjon

THE STONECUTTER'S SECRET: A Ghost Warrior Adventure - Book II

by Matthew Mark Lukenjon

134 pages
THE STONECUTTER'S SECRET spins a mystery of discovery for the three friends as they work to discover who Joe the stone cutter really was and if the map they found, which he had drawn in a letter to his family, would lead them to a hidden treasure. The boys stretch their small world across the ocean to Italy looking for answers. Perhaps Indian George holds the golden key that will unlock the Stonecutter's secret...

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
After the terrible fight that threatened to end a friendship David knew he was wrong and vowed to over come his fear of swimming and instead of wondering why a mother would not want to keep her child he decided to be glad that two people wanted him and gave him their name.

The friendship was stretched but did not break and a handshake brought healing and strength to the three amigos. The new bonds of trust is why they broke rules to get to the top of the Donner Lake granite cliffs by hitching a ride on a freight train. This type of behavior was strictly forbidden but since they were on a donít ask donít tell project they proceeded with the certainty of youth that no one would get hurt. From their lofty perch on the cliffs they looked over their kingdom and smiled at the lake and mountains that was their playground.

This was the start of an incredible adventure that would stretch their boundaries across the Atlantic Ocean seeking answers to the secrets held by the Stonecutter's Rock and were riveted by the clues that stir the imaginations of all mortals seeking the wealth and beauty of Gold.

Of the three friends, David was the most likely to stretch the truth and suggest behavior that could end in the disaster of being grounded but Steve and Jimmy were not always hard to convince that stretching the truth would end in disaster. His propensity for chatter in class often resulted in extra credit projects that teachers felt might limit his chatty classroom behavior.

It helped him concentrate on the project and when he finally made the decision to do the right and honorable thing his friends got mad at him and thought he was nuts. These are just some of the follies and foibles that are apart of this new adventure. You will want to follow these scalawags to see if their dreams come true and along the way laugh at their bonehead ways of getting things done so typical of boys. Of course after you have finished this latest adventure be sure to share it with your young readers who will also find out that in fact: It Really is Neat Being A Kid.


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About the Author
Matthew Mark Lukenjon The author of the Ghost Warrior series grew up at Donner Lake California. He has 4 college degrees 10 Grandchildren says he is approaching "Older Than Dirt" status and loves life with all it's follies and foibles that bring such rich flavors to living.



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