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Iron Angel: Sordid Affairs - Book II by P. F. Busch

Iron Angel: Sordid Affairs - Book II

by P. F. Busch

258 pages
A gripping tale of passion and dangerous political intrigues

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
In 1870, amid political tensions running high in Venice and Rome, revered military Captain Jean-Louis-Pierre de Pleyssis is at the heart of secret negotiations between the supporters of King Victor Emmanuel II and Pope Pius IX. At stake is the unification of the Eternal City, Rome, to the Kingdom of Italy.

Deprived of her husbandís attention and forbidden to pursue her career as a world-class soprano, Gabriella Thornsen de Pleyssis is tempted by the affections of a dashing Italian aristocrat, Jacopo de Castriodrianni, whose intentions in love and politics are questionable.

Will Gabriella jeopardize the negotiations and succumb to the mysterious Jacopo?


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About the Author
P. F. Busch Born in Monaco and educated in France and in the United States, P.F. Busch, author of the Lyricist and Iron Angel The French Years has written several books on 19th century France. She lives and writes in Southern California



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