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The Lyricist by P. F. Busch

The Lyricist

by P. F. Busch

266 pages
An embedded journalist is drawn into a clandestine war mission.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Under the guise of a romance, The Lyricist, explores many passionate contemporary themes, including the crippling, devastating effects of obsessive-compulsive disorder on the professional and emotional states of an individual. It explores the hollow lives that many of our politicians exist for, placing power and ambitions above all, including their family and their integrity. It further explores the reasons why men and women who appear to have it all—intellectual brilliance, money, fame and good looks, search for adventure and danger to assuage their inner demons. And finally, it brings forward the power that love has over an individual and demonstrates how passion can drive human actions.


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About the Author
P. F. Busch Born in Monaco and educated in France and in the United States, PF Busch is a professor who has written several books on 19th century France. She lives and writes in Southern California.



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