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Iron Angel: Gaby - Book III by P. F. Busch

Iron Angel: Gaby - Book III

by P. F. Busch

334 pages
Iron Angel Gaby, is an historical romance set in Paris in the late 18th century. The life of a sensational American soprano and the conflict with her overbearing aristocratic former husband is depicted. A tragic event develops.

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Historical
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About the Book
Gabriella de Conte Thornsen, Gaby, a former young plantation owner from Louisiana who'd followed her cherished cousin Cardinal Thornsen, to the old continent to pursue an operatic scholarship at the Académie de Musique in Paris has become the new sensation in the City of Light and across Europe in the late 1800's. She is crowned as one of the greatest divas ever to sing on the myriad stages of the European Royal Courts.

On her way to a singing engagement in Rome, an invitation by the Director of the Palais Garnier in Paris is received requesting an acceptance to sing the lead in Fromenthal Alévy, La Juive. Her singing contract has been purchased at an astronomical price by a mysterious aficionado.

Stunned by the change of venue, she nonetheless accepts the role, knowing that her overbearing aristocratic former husband has returned to Paris from the Americas. An uncommon coincidence.

An unexpected turn of events which could affect her relationship with her former husband unfolds which takes the Duke, his first officer, Cunnan, and Cardinal Thornsen to a journey in England and Ireland to unravel the mystery.

Has the Duke de Bourbonne, Jean-Louis-Pierre de Pleyssis schemed the unusual outcome to once again control his former's wife professional goals? Gossips has it in the City of Light that he wants Gaby's return to their charmed lives at any cost. Will the Diva succumb to his wishes?

A monumental life changing discovery could alter their views of reunification as they ponder the ignominies of familial deeds committed for the sole purpose of saving his lineage, grand titles, and social hierarchy.


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About the Author
P. F. Busch Born in Monaco, Principauté and educated in France and in the United States, P.F. Busch, author of the Lyricist and of the Iron Angel series, has written several books on 19th century France. She lives and writes in California.



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