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Faith and Freedom by Debbie Suttman

Faith and Freedom

by Debbie Suttman

122 pages
Move from living a man controlled life to a God centered world.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Faith and Freedom shows a movement from living a man controlled life to living a God centered and God directed life. It is essential to find peace within oneself before becoming an image, an example and a vessel for God here on earth. When we are at peace we are one with God and present to God's desires.

God does not ask us to deny the earth and hide from the ways of the world. Instead he asks us to free ourselves from the ways of the world so that we can instead bring the goodness of God to life on earth. The world needs God's people front and center speaking, managing, and guiding people to become loving, joyful, peaceful, faithful and free people.

Faith and Freedom calls us to embrace God's plan for each of us to create an amazing life for ourselves right here on earth.


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About the Author
Debbie Suttman is the author of The Gift of Love and The Gift of Joy. Debbie is a writer, facilitator and educator who is passionate about becoming all God has created her to be. She lives in Indiana with her husband and three children.



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