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What Now? - Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book Three by Jeffrey M. Daniels

What Now? - Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book Three

by Jeffrey M. Daniels

176 pages
The wild finish to the fantastic adventures of Jeremy Shuttle

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Jeremy has found his missing Dad, rescued the two women he loves and discovered how to use his special power. So, what now?

All Jeremy Shuttle wants is to enjoy what he has accomplished with his amazing sketchbook, but he has finally uncovered the threat that has been dogging him and his family. The danger turns out greater than even Jeremy’s incredible imagination could create.

Jeremy and his Dad must race through a roller coaster of real and fanciful worlds and places, while his Mom and girlfriend unravel a shocking truth and then have a fateful showdown of their own. Both groups of adventurers fight against time to save all they have found and everything they know.

The mysteries surrounding the sketchbook resolve through mind-twisting answers and life-threatening battles. When the apocalyptic danger is finally revealed, it will require the ultimate sacrifice.

What Now? completes the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy in a thrill-ride finish filled with shocking surprises.


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About the Author
Jeffrey began his career with tear-inducing holiday cards and spent the rest of his life trying to entertain people by making them laugh with newsletters and advertising copy.

He currently lives comfortably in South Florida, driving with his windows down and wondering why so many people complain about the humidity.



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