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What Next? - Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book Two by Jeffrey M. Daniels

What Next? - Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book Two

by Jeffrey M. Daniels

138 pages
If anything you draw becomes real...What Next?

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Once you have the power to make anything you draw become real, what do you do next?

In What If?, the first book of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, a mysterious shopkeeper gave Jeremy a sketchbook. Jeremy soon found everything he drew in it became real. After going on fantastic adventures, he tried to use the book to bring back his missing Dad. The attempt went terribly wrong and Jeremy, along with his Mom and best friend Natalie, barely survived. At the last, a message was uncovered that hinted Jeremy’s Dad was still alive.

What Next? begins with Jeremy, his Mom and (almost) girlfriend Natalie, trying to find the answers to three questions: Why did the shopkeeper give the sketchbook to Jeremy? Why does each time Jeremy use the sketchbook become more dangerous than the last? What secret does the sketchbook hold to finding his missing Dad?

The answers begin to unfold, as does the fact that there are others searching for the sketchbook. Their desire for the book means danger for Jeremy and his companions. From Washington, D.C. to Southern France, Jeremy faces more challenges and greater peril in his quest to find his Dad. The quest will ultimately separate the three travelers, as Jeremy ends up in a fantastic land that turns out to be both familiar and deadly, leaving his Mom and Natalie to face the threat of their pursuers.

What Next? continues the journey started in What If?, as Jeremy gets closer to his long-lost Dad and finds himself on a quest filled with peril and surprises.


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About the Author
Jeffrey’s love of words developed early, hoping to beat his Grandma just once in Scrabble. Writing was the next natural step.

His fantasy adventure, Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, marks Jeffrey’s debut in fantasy fiction.

Jeffrey currently lives in Florida, driving with his windows down and wondering why people complain about humidity.



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