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What If? - Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book One by Jeffrey M. Daniels

What If? - Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book One

by Jeffrey M. Daniels

256 pages
Jeremy gets a sketchbook that whatever he draws becomes real.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Jeremy Shuttle loves two things: asking questions and drawing. When he receives a sketchbook from a strange shopkeeper at a new art store, he is thrilled. He wishes he paid closer attention to the shopkeeper’s comments, for the very next day Jeremy and his best friend Natalie make an amazing discovery. Anything Jeremy draws in the sketchbook becomes real.

Jeremy decides to use the sketchbook to get answers to his endless “What If?” questions, despite a growing unease from Natalie that there is something very bad about the sketchbook. Jeremy ends up in several fantastic adventures before finally hitting on a brilliant (or so he thinks) idea. Why not use the sketchbook to bring home the Dad he has never seen and has been missing for 13 years.

Except, as Natalie points out, every time he has used the sketchbook, something dangerous has happened. And when this new attempt goes terribly wrong as well, Jeremy needs his Mom, Natalie and help from some unexpected friends as he tries to put an end to the danger.

What If? is the first book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy. The discovery begins here and the quest continues in this brightly imaginative blend of fantasy and fact.


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About the Author
Jeffrey’s writing career began as a young lad, bringing tears to the eyes of family members with emotional messages on their holiday cards. Since then, most of his writing has been focused on tears of laughter, but he can still bring a few sentimental tears when the occasion deserves it.



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