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Forget Me! Not! by Col. Rube Waddell

Forget Me! Not!

by Col. Rube Waddell

404 pages
AF pilot shot down, taken prisoner, lost for twenty years

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Category: Fiction
About the Book
This novel, FORGET ME! NOT! is the dramatic, although tragic, fictionalized account of a volunteer, undercover Air Force pilot serving his tour as an O-1 Bird Dog Forward Air Controller in a secret war in the Kingdom of Laos. After being shot down and badly burned in the shoot down, he became a POW and was subsequently lost for twenty years. Being repatriated twenty years later, he was instrumental in obtaining vital information which opened the door for a full accounting of all POWs/MIAs lost in SEAsia.

This story gives every pilot who flew in SEAsia the opportunity to recall the memories both good and bad of his tour.


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About the Author
Air Force Colonel, Retired, Donald "Rube" Waddell is a native North Carolinian raised in Concord. He attended the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill before entering the Avaition Cadet Program. After twenty three years, he retired to Panama City, Florida and has a summer home in Spruce Pine, NC.



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