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WRESTLING WITH GORILLAS: A Jack Reno Novel by Martin A. Nalitz, Jr.


by Martin A. Nalitz, Jr.

328 pages
Ex-con wants to go straight but nobody wants him to.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
After almost a decade in prison for securities fraud Jack Reno really wanted a quiet life. The same lawyer that sent him to prison gets him out, gives him a job and it looks like a fresh start. Except something always seems to happen that could get him right back in trouble. Some of it is his fault; he knows itís time to change but heís not even sure how to do it. And he finds out there are plenty of people who donít want him to change. Maybe heíll have to be more careful about the things he gets involved in. How much trouble could he get in helping a friend from prison that got rich doing infomercials? Or helping his buddy Choice with a small favor after he gets shot and arrested? It doesnít sound like much but mix in politics and organized crime, then add two beautiful women and jail might be the safest place on earth. He discovers that if he does anything wrong he could go back to prison, but if he does everything right he could end up dead.


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About the Author
Martin A. Nalitz, Jr. Marty Nalitz was a radio/TV host in Denver, actively involved in various think tanks and organizations. In 2004 he was sentenced to twenty-one years in prison for Theft and Securities Fraud. He spent time in four different maximum and medium-security facilities before his release.



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