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SCORPION'S STING: A Jack Reno Novel by Martin Nalitz


by Martin Nalitz

330 pages
White-collar criminal tries to go straight

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Jack Reno did seven years in prison for white-collar crime. It was tough and when the District Attorney who sent him up gets him out, he thinks life will be much simpler, but every time he takes a few steps forward, well, he ends up taking a few back.

The District Attorney is now in private practice and hires Jack to work as a paralegal, a fancy term for ambulance chaser. Still seems pretty simple until he meets a guy who wants him to go back to the same shady dealings that got him locked up-stock manipulation, money laundering, all the things Jack was good at. Jack finds out Clifford Vance plays for keeps. It might be more dangerous to not help him.

While he has this on his mind his job takes him into the world of talk radio, working with a host and two colorful ex-cops to get a young kid out of prison that may have been wrongly convicted.

If this isn't bad enough he finds out his sentence may have been part of an elaborate conspiracy, maybe even involving his boss. He manages to get on the wrong side of some muscle he knew from prison and gets mixed up romantically with a woman who could come between him and Choice, one of his best friends. Should all be enough until he finds out one of his ex-wives is getting re-married. Jack thinks this might be a bad decision, maybe they'd be better off getting back together.

Sometimes prison just seems so much simpler.


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About the Author
Martin Nalitz Marty Nalitz was a long-time talk radio/TV host in Denver. In 2004 he was convicted of Theft and Securities Fraud and sentenced to 21 years in prison. He is also the author of Walking with Ducks - A Jack Reno Novel, and lives in Englewood, Colorado.



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