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Walking with Ducks: A Jack Reno Novel by Martin A. Nalitz Jr.

Walking with Ducks: A Jack Reno Novel

by Martin A. Nalitz Jr.

228 pages
Ex-con gets caught up in mortgage fraud with beautiful woman.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Jack Reno is a man who did 7 years in prison for securities fraud. Reno lived his life in all the “gray” area of business, moving from one part of the country to another, and doing the same with relationships. His entire life he deceived manipulated and used people. Ultimately, it catches up with him and he goes to prison.

After all those years in prison Reno begins to wonder if he can make it on the outside. His efforts to fit back in to society are often half-hearted. His friends consist of men he met in prison, and it seems like somebody is always trying to get him to do something he knows he shouldn’t. At times he feels like he doesn’t fit into society, maybe never did.

He’s let out of prison early through the efforts of the former DA who prosecuted him, now in private practice. Her efforts aren’t humanitarian, but mercenary; through a series of events she realizes that he could be helpful to the growth of her business.

Reno’s role at the law firm is to bring in cases from men in prison who may have gotten a bad deal, not necessarily to help, but to be able to take settlements from the state.

Julie Hayes is a beautiful business executive who may be in criminal trouble herself due to financial irregularities. She becomes a romantic interest for Reno even though he’s conflicted by her real intentions. Ultimately he has to decide whether or not to break the law to help her.

Choice is an old prison friend of Reno’s, an inner-city crime lord. Choice is as close as Reno has to a confidante. We also meet Mark Iverson, the man who had Reno arrested and now wants Reno to make him money.

James Archer is the owner of the business Julie Hayes works for, and an aspiring politician. He may not only be involved in some of the financial shenanigans, but also a victim. Reno views him as a romantic competitor for Julie Hayes, but still ends up helping him.

JB McCormick is a young man who went to prison at 14 and has served 15 years. Reno is trying to get him out of prison through his job but finds resistance from his boss.

Much of Reno’s world-view is seen through frequent quotations attributed to Reno’s Uncle Bob-a used car salesman from Pittsburgh, Reno’s hometown.

In a deeper sense it is the story of Reno’s attempt at redemption; reconciling his life and the mistakes he’s made with the desire to not repeat them in the future.


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About the Author
Marty Nalitz was a conservative talk radio host in the 1990s. He was a frequent guest on national and local TV shows, and was nominated for Governor in 1994.
From 2004-2011 he was in prison, for white-collar crimes, where he wrote the first two books in the Jack Reno series.



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