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Mystic Wolf by David DeHart

Mystic Wolf

by David DeHart

340 pages
Burned-out writer encounters a mystical wolf in remote Alaska.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Successful mystery writer, Monty Harrison is miserable. The loss of his wife one year earlier, coupled with his inability to please his literary agent and publisher, has driven him to drink, albeit expensive scotch whiskey. If he cannot break away from his self-imposed pity party, his career as the creator of the widely acclaimed ‘Dallas Rockland' detective novels will come to an ignominious end.

It is Monty’s hope that his dismal circumstances, as well as his writers-block, will be cured by traveling to a remote corner of northwest Alaska. Maybe a month-long exile at a “writers retreat,” among a group of fascinating and mysterious folks who call themselves the “Alaska Writers Kolony,” can rekindle his waning literary fires?

If tales of adventure, related in the other writers’ captivating short stories, are not enough to salvage Monty’s career and his sanity, perhaps his encounter with a rare Arctic white wolf, known as “The Mystic Wolf,” will become a life-changing experience.


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About the Author
Dave has written two thrillers and a noir mystery. He resides in Wilsonville, Oregon with his wife, Wendy June DeHart.



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