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Shadow Plots by David DeHart

Shadow Plots

by David DeHart

282 pages
Did two priests commit suicide, or were they murdered?

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Shadow Plots is the story of Sylvia, a disturbed young woman who lived in a shantytown called "Hooverville," desperately searching for love and her fantasy mother; and the tale of 40-year-old Lizabet McNearney, a veteran investigative journalist who returns home to Portland from her post in Rome.

While Liz investigates the alleged suicide of her brother, a Catholic priest, she is forced to relive in her mind a childhood bereft of love, filled with horror and shame. Her search crosses paths with Sylvia,as they enter the shadow of a diabolic killer known only as “The Death.”


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About the Author
David F. DeHart, an Oregon native, is a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer, having served in the Military Intelligence Corps. His first novel was "The Eye of the Viper," 2005. "Terminated With Extreme Pleasure," was published in 2007. Dave’s writings have also been published in "The Prairie Times," and "In Our Own Voices" 2008, an anthology of the Oregon Writers Colony, of which Dave is a member.



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