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by David F. DeHart

412 pages
Army Intelligence agents battle wits with a murderous spy.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
A South Korean military intelligence informant is murdered—a case of mistaken identity?

Defense Intelligence Agency Special Agents Dan Dailey and “Bull” Bulliard have their orders: “Identify, locate, and terminate with extreme prejudice an unidentified subject who intends to assassinate the South Korea president within the next five days. Plausible deniability demanded. For US Eyes Only.”

Their extraordinary orders lead them on a battle of wits with a North Korean double agent recruited by Dan the previous year. Another cunning and diabolical spy, dubbed an “unsuspecting asset” by the CIA, crosses their paths. The closer they get to that subject, the more bodies are left in his wake.

Dan and Bull soon learn their efforts to perform their mission are being thwarted by someone in their own government who would just as soon see the South Korea president replaced. Must they prevent the assassination or allow it to occur?

Struggling to cope with this dichotomy, the hunters now become the hunted. Melissa and Margo, romantic interests of Dan and Bull, are also pulled into the fray, further complicating their mission. Find the women; identify the assassin; and foil a plot that will destroy international relations.

In this, their most demanding assignment, Dan Daily and his pal Bull face nearly impossible odds, something that puts their careers and their lives on the line.


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About the Author
David F. DeHart David DeHart retired from Military Intelligence after service in Europe, Korea and Vietnam. His first novel, The Eye of the Viper, was published by in 2005. His writing also appeared in, "In Our Own Voices," Oregon Writers Colony anthology. He resides in Wilsonville, Oregon, with his wife Wendy DeHart.



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