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The Final Battle For Mepergand by Michael Pauszek

The Final Battle For Mepergand

by Michael Pauszek

240 pages
The desperate battle to save a world from a dragon.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
For more than one thousand years the dragon, Scaarab, has slept. The vile creature is now little more than a terrible memory for the people of Mepergand. But that is soon to change.

The dragon's wake/sleep cycle is controlled by the movement of the planets, triggered by the gravitational fluctuation produced by the planetary alignment. This is the year of the planetary convergence, the first in more than one thousand years. As a result, this summer, at midday on the summer solstice, Scaarab's long sleep will end. It will emerge from its lair to again terrorize Mepergand for a millennium until the next planetary convergence triggers a return to sleep. Scaarab will be hungry for man's flesh, greedy for man's gold and wanting revenge. This time the peoples of Mepergand are even more ill prepared to face the dragon.

One thousand years ago, during the last wake cycle, Scaarab and its followers, the Fallen, were in a great battle against the combined forces of man, dwarf and elf. A dragon victory seemed certain when in a valiant act, the most unlikely of heroes, a Hotran, wounded Scaarab with an elfin blade. The wound drove Scaarab back to its lair, prematurely ending its wake cycle and saving Mepergand. The descendant of the Hotran responsible for the wounding will be the dragon's first meal at the summer solstice.



About the Author
Michael Pauszek is a husband, father, grandfather and a practicing physician. He lives with his wife in a small town in central Indiana. When not working and writing, he spends his free time chasing grandchildren and enjoying rural Indiana.



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