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Outnumbered: The BAD CATS Learn About Numbers by Bradley Skafish

Outnumbered: The BAD CATS Learn About Numbers

by Bradley Skafish

20 pages
The BAD CATS learn their numbers on a midnight adventure!

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
They say the third time is a charm, but in the third BAD CATS caper, Iggy & Mick's night is anything but charmed! They flee the coup in the dark of night to chase some wayward birds, but the tables are turned when they find themselves confronted by a gang of junkyard dogs! The countdown is on, but can they make it home before their number is up?

The BAD CATS are a fun way to share a bedtime story, teach your child to read, or practice numbers and counting. The illustrations are vibrant and amusing, and the names of the numbers are highlighted in the text for easy identification.

The BAD CATS stress learning through fun, rather than text-book formality, so kids will want their parents to read the story again and again. Make sure you also pick up the first two BAD CATS adventures - Color Us Bad: The BAD CATS Learn About Colors, and Shape Up Or Ship Out: The BAD CATS Learn About Shapes. Plus, be on the lookout for future installments when the BAD CATS discover the rest of the world around them!


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About the Author
Brad Skafish is a rock'n'roll musician and trial lawyer in Chicago. More importantly, he is a father who knows how valuable a great book can be to teaching and entertaining youngsters.



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