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Dulehurst Requiem by Jeffrey Boldt

Dulehurst Requiem

by Jeffrey Boldt

186 pages
Saga of a western woman

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
There is a reason they called it the Wild West. The late 1800ís were a time of unprecedented expansion, growth, and unfortunately, lawlessness. Some men were uninhibited by the law and chose to ride by a code of ethics of their own. They were the outlaws.

Those that chose to uphold the law were men and women of great integrity and strength. They were the true heroes of the Wild West. Had it not been for their diligence and fortitude our nation today might very well be a different place to live.

This chronicle is about one such woman. A woman whose childhood was very dark and troubling and perhaps causing one to write her off as just another lost soul. What kind of future would you expect of a child born and raised in a whorehouse? But it is those troubling childhood accounts the molds this woman into one of determination and resilience.

She grows to be an extraordinary woman who touches the lives of many people. Her troubling childhood haunts her most of her life but despite that she grows to be a remarkable woman, lawman and hero to the children.


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About the Author
Jeff is a Muscatine, Iowa native who has enjoyed writing since his high school years. An avid storyteller, Jeff likes to use his experiences and his imagination to bring his stories to life. A friend once described him as having "a very strange but fertile mind."



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