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Silent Love by Jeffrey Boldt

Silent Love

by Jeffrey Boldt

160 pages
A faith based story about faith, love and ministry.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Silent Love is a Christian based story about a homeless deaf mute named Cicero who witnesses a murder.

Who can he tell? How can he tell?

A young freelance photographer happens upon this scared little fellow and she befriends him, seeking to help him through this ordeal.

Forget the fact that her brother, who is a police detective, thinks Cicero is the killer. The killer, who knows Cicero is a witness, wants him dead.

So is God in control? If so, then why does He allow bad things to happen?

They struggle to find answers while helping to bring the real killer's spree to an end. It is a strong, Bible based story that shows it is faith that gets us through.


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About the Author
Jeff is a Muscatine, Iowa native who has enjoyed writing since his high school years. An avid storyteller, Jeff likes to use his experiences and his vivid imagination to bring his stories to life.



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