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CRASHING INTO SUNRISE: The Columbiad - Book 3 by Gerald F. Sweeney

CRASHING INTO SUNRISE: The Columbiad - Book 3

by Gerald F. Sweeney

424 pages
The artistic and emotional upheaval of a 1940s youth.

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About the Book
Do you remember one of those raucous and rowdy kids from high school about to experience the rude awakening of adulthood? How Jim Mahoney messes up as a teenager and what happens to his unfinished personality and flawed character when he discovers the force and power of ideas is the theme of the book. Plus the adventures of his buddies and the numerous girls who shine along his path.

With WWII as background, Jim grows up fast. Already in a tuxedo at fifteen and dancing his way through the local country and yacht clubs and Manhattan's bright spots, Jim's recklessness attracts the voluptuous Bonnie and a willing Lucy until emotional defeat demands a healing response. He finds solace in the love he discovers on university campus.

Crashing into Sunrise is the tale of Jim's transistion from high school mayhem to the awareness of the big world around him. It is the tale of the emotional and intellectual upheaval of a young man of the 1940s set in Manhasset on Long Island.

The story carries us from Long Island to Miami, Chicago and Wisconsin and finally to mid-century Manhattan at a time when New York took the title of the arts capital of the world away from Paris. The question is: Is Jim Mahoney emotionally and artistically ready for the New York Renaissance?


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About the Author
Gerald F. Sweeney An Army vet and Michigan graduate, Jerry Sweeney grew up in the Midwest and Long Island. His business life was consumed by commuting to Manhattan's madcap magazine business where he overworked in various capacities including Publisher. He has published four novels in the "Columbiad" series



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