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YO COLUMBIA! How America's National Symbol Came Down Off Her Pedestal and Found Her Groove by Gerald F. Sweeney

YO COLUMBIA! How America's National Symbol Came Down Off Her Pedestal and Found Her Groove

by Gerald F. Sweeney

348 pages
Musical New York magazine executives seek Scott Joplin's lost opera.

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About the Book
Jim Mahoney, divorced, falls in love with a beautiful brown woman, Ruth Morisong, Brooklyn's best and livliest. Set in Manhattan's fast-paced Eighties, Yo Columbia! tells the story of a stormy courtship between an older guy and a young, live wire.

A sub-theme follows Jim's quest to find the music from Scott Joplin's lost opera only to discover the spirit of the father he lost in childhood. The lovers also uncover the historical black beauty that was the model for many of our national representations of America. Another theme tracks the history of American classical music.

Retaining characters like the Wizard from previous Columbiad novels - Eagles Rising and First Lights - the story is set against the rousing magazine business and chronicles Ruth's challenge to succeed in the cutthroat New York marketplace.


"I loved it so much, I read it twice."
- Star Democrat, April 25, 2008
"If you enjoy novels that expound upon art and culture as the characters maneuver the landscapes of the heart, then volume 6 of the Columbiad series is for you"
- Delmarva Quarterly, Autumn, 2009


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About the Author
Gerald F. Sweeney Jerry Sweeney, Army vet and Michigan graduate,is a retired New York magazine executive. He is the author of The Columbiad, a series of novels including Eagles Rising and First Lights (available at Booklocker) - a saga of an Irish-American family's journey through the 20th Century.



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