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LABYRINTH OF EXTREMES: The Cam Gordon Chronicles by R. M. Gibson

LABYRINTH OF EXTREMES: The Cam Gordon Chronicles

by R. M. Gibson

328 pages
A single father copes with family, romance, and career problems.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
A timeless story set in late 1960s New York and suburban Connecticut—told from the perspective of a single father who juggles his romantic interests while facing the prospect of losing a blue-chip management job, enduring the anguish of a personal loss, and giving moral support to a son who’s gotten into drugs.

As the Cam Gordon Chronicles resume, changes are afoot. He has an uneasy feeling that his yearlong romance with Cris is winding down. If so, his cautious search for a new and lasting relationship, and surrogate mother for his two teenage boys, will begin anew. While he has no alternative but to face whatever lies ahead, it’s by sheer chance that he runs into a former sweetheart during a business trip to Australia. The affection they shared is still vibrant, and it offers him hope for years of happiness. But along the way, there are snags. Younger son, Jon, gets into drugs again and commits a desperate and chilling act in an attempt to deal with an emotional hit. Not long afterwords, Cam learns that the New York company he works for may reorganize. Should it come about, his blue-chip management job will almost certainly be at risk. Then, adding to his growing list of woes, he’s faced with a life-threatening health issue that severely tests his grit. But as his troubles mount, it’s Erin, a lifelong friend of Cris’s, who stands with him, becomes a close friend who offers Cam her steadfast support—and eventually her love.


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About the Author
R. M. Gibson grew up on an Indiana farm and after high school served on a minesweeper during the Korean Conflict. Later, armed with a business degree, he embarked on a long career in industry, real estate management and banking. He and his educator wife currently live in Western Europe.



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