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A Matter of Time by R. M. Gibson

A Matter of Time

by R. M. Gibson

330 pages
For Erich Mauer, changes abound. There are financial uncertainties and a caring affair eventually comes to an end. In time, Erich leaves New York, moves to the Northeast and launches a promising new career. Itís there that he also meets a charming young woman, so both his professional future and personal hopes show promise.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
During the early months of 1970, single father Erich Mauer saw his well-ordered life come unhinged. It began when his younger son was confined following a near fatal OD; Erichís company restructured and his globetrotting management job was a casualty. Then the woman he was to marry lost her battle with leukemia. Despite these setbacks, itís with little delay that he begins his search for a decent job and also a new and lasting love. A caring relationship develops, but he finds that settling on the right partner will take time. Meanwhile, Erich has to deal with an upsetting parental matter. Then after both his current job and the affair end, and heís had enough of New York, he relocates to the Northeast and makes a career change that shows promise. And itís there that he meets an engaging young woman who could very well figure into his future.


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About the Author
R. M. Gibson Mr. Gibson grew up on a small Midwestern farm, served in the Navy, and subsequently earned a Business degree. He then launched a long professional career. After having lived in Europe for 26 years, he and his educator wife are now back in the U.S. and call south Texas home.



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