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A SEASON OF TRANSITIONS: The Cam Gordon Chronicles by R. M. Gibson

A SEASON OF TRANSITIONS: The Cam Gordon Chronicles

by R. M. Gibson

420 pages
A single father juggles romance with family and career problems.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
As the final third of the twentieth century begins, Cameron Ross Gordon is confronted with the same kinds of issues that parents and business professionals are facing today. From family problems, to distressing news at his company, readers follow him as he searches for contentment. The story opens as Cam is about to leave for a conference in Las Vegas. His attorney calls to tell him that his divorce is finalóhis second. Shortly afterwards, troubles emerge when he learns that his younger son, Jon, is experimenting with drugs. As a single father who commutes into New York each day, he needs all the support he can get, and he looks for it from some of the women he dates. Although wary of making a permanent commitment too quickly, Camís interest in women is never in doubt. There are caring liaisons, the first of them beginning when he meets Vicki in Las Vegas. She follows him back East and could be the answer. His sonsí needs are immediate, but Camís personal timetable and careful approach are a hindrance to his settling on a surrogate mother for his two teenage boys. Then, adding to his load, the company Cam works for is threatened with a hostile takeover and this unwelcome development tests his resilience. But a new woman, Cris, comes into his life and helps him cope with what lies ahead. A Season of Transitions, the first in a trilogy of novels about Cam Gordon, is a true-to-life account of a man dealing with his sonís drug problem, the possible loss of a blue-chip job, and his ongoing but cautious search for an enduring relationship.


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About the Author
R. M. Gibson spent his early years on a midwestern farm and after high school served on a minesweeper during the Korean conflict. Later, with a business degree, he began a long career in industry, real estate and banking. He now lives with his educator wife in Western Europe.



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