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Cold War Shadows by George A. Kozlowski

Cold War Shadows

by George A. Kozlowski

246 pages
Cold War, Russia, KGB, Moscow, Lake Baikal, espionage

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
His grandfather Konstantin, a soldier, his father Dimitri a soldier, educator and Politburo member and relatives in Ulan Ude have an influence on Viktor Bulatov as he matures. He works for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs then as a KGB Agent. He travels and works as a Russian agent in Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Angola, England, Cuba and The United States of America.

Viktor has to use many different names as he travels; he is relieved when he retires and can use his own name.


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About the Author
George A. Kozlowski George A. Kozlowski was founder and CEO of Somerset Marketing Company. He has written 2 other novels and a textbook on being a professional salesman. He moved to northern Michigan where he is engaged in a multiplicity of projects. He is also the Commander of the local American Legion Post.



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