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Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold: A study on sales and salesmanship by George A. Kozlowski

Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold: A study on sales and salesmanship

by George A. Kozlowski

108 pages
A text on salesmanship in becoming a professional salesman.

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Category: Business:Marketing:Sales
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About the Book

Nothing happens until something is sold is an observation that I, George A. Kozlowski have made and know after over 40 years of professional selling.

How do you become a professional salesman? I have out lined and explained the basic factors in making a sale and be coming a professional salesman.

I sold newspapers, magazines, household appliances and automobiles on a part-time basis.
Full-time I sold investments, household paper products, candy, pet foods, real estate, commercial lighting and my longest tenure of selling was selling domestic, commercial and industrial replacement parts and supplies to distributors.

I was not the best salesman when I started to be a professional salesman, but, I began to learn and study the sales business. I took sales courses, read books, attended seminars and studied the sales business from both an academic viewpoint and from face to face experiences. I also took speech courses to improve my communications skills.

In my last 25 years of selling , I was an above average and a very highly successful professional salesman. Now I want to convey some of that knowledge to you.

Study the basic elements: Product Knowledge, Prospects, Competition.

Study the secondary factors: Preparation, Approaching a Prospect, Giving Product Information, Convincing the Prospect, Handling Objections, Closing and Miscellany.


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About the Author
George A. Kozlowski George A. Kozlowski graduated from University of Detroit Mercy with a degree in Marketing. With over 40 years as a successful professional salesman, he operated his own national sales agency for 25 years. He retired and moved to northern Michigan with his wife, where they are busy with a multiplicity of undertakings.



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