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The Reawakening: The Rediscovery of Osteopathic Medicine by Zachary Comeaux

The Reawakening: The Rediscovery of Osteopathic Medicine

by Zachary Comeaux

300 pages
Futuristic action romance of pandemic resolved by osteopathic medicine.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Following Fire on the Prairie and The Healerís Heart, The Reawakening continues the theme of the power of mind and spirit in health and healing. Projected into a far future, 2084, the novel extrapolates developments based on current medical, political, social and environmental trends. Critical issues are raised so that perhaps recognizing the possible results of todayís missed opportunities, we can reshape our world in a more positive direction. The format, however, is a soft sci-fi adventure romance for easy reading to avoid what could otherwise be a dry philosophical and technical treatise. For those with an interest in science or mystery, there is plenty of substance to keep the book engrossing.

Saguaro cactus in Missouri? Niagara Falls only a trickle? Osteopathy long forgotten only to be rediscovered in the course of a great international tragedy? Are these absolutely impossible? The setting is a health care crisis after a critical environmental period called The Change. Credible political and social class divisions result from the change in living conditions driven by The Change. On the medical side, the author observes the contemporary trends in medicalization of what had been an alternative and complete method of health care. Could the unique advantage of osteopathic practice be lost, then need to be rediscovered? Can the trend in cost-driven impersonal medical care be recognized and reversed?

Petrie is left to die. Medically, nothing else seems possible to save him. Dr. Rathburn keeps up appearances of standard care as a pretense of concern. As a Delta, Petrie is expendable. But how could it be foreseen that like him, hundreds of thousands would die? Is this the recurrence of ancient nightmare plagues? How could advanced techno-medicine be surprised then neutralized by this odd biologic turn of events?

Rathburn is perplexed. As others fall ill, he sees that the only course is to go against the law, to risk his license, reputation and future marriage. The folk practice of osteopathic healing is effective where technocentric medicine fails. But implementation of this strategy brings grave risks including breaking down social barriers between the elite,
Minorities, and a harsh federal government.

Ironically, this novel was begun before the current swine flu threat surfaced, however the lessons included may be terribly relevant to this and the subsequent pandemic scare.


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About the Author
Zachary Comeaux DO (US) is an international speaker and author whose background in philosophy, physics, and theology finds expression in texts such as Harmonic Healing and Robert Fulford DO and the Philosopher Physician, The Soul of Osteopathy along with the more free spirited novel trilogy cited here.



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