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THE HEALER'S HEART by Zachary Comeaux


by Zachary Comeaux

316 pages
adventure romance in power of mind and heart to heal

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Category: Health:Medicine:Alternative Medicine
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About the Book
The battle for primacy in peopleís minds between religion, science and felt experience goes back to the beginning of recorded time. Modern medicine and popular health culture inherit this legacy. It presents itself in the relationship between conventional versus complementary or alternative medicine. It also persists as the struggle for primacy between science and religion as the ultimately valid world view. In the past, blood has been shed over these issues. Today, the arguments between Creationism and the self-organization of matter represent one aspect of this struggle. In recent years the trend is often to view deep spirituality in relation to health through the lens of vedantic, Zen or other eastern viewpoints. But Western spiritual practice is steeped in transcendental practice and mystical tradition. This book blends experience in Christian spirituality, Hebrew and indigenous beliefs in exploring deeper reality.

Many, including the founder of osteopathic medicine, Dr. Andrew Still, felt that the material world, the spiritual world and the mental world were not competitive but complementary and that people exist in and relate to all three.

Dry topics, these are, to most of us. The Healerís Heart puts these concepts into the existential context of three more contemporary figures, to make them alive. The novel is a romance, an action story, and a tour of exotic places. The characters are set in a future setting to serve to help actualize the hopes, for ecology, economic reform, humanistic understanding, and health consciousness, of many contemporary dreamers and visionaries.

The story is rich in cultural diversity, history, and interpersonal differences to stress the universality of human experience.

Carlos is now a man, progressively realizing that destiny involves choice, not simply letting things follow their course. Grandfatherís death prompts him to go on his personal vision quest, to discover who he is. The Brazilian northeast teaches these lessons sternly. Little could he foresee the adventure of meeting the rest of his ancestral family and how it would help focus his life.

Miriam is smugly on her way to the top of the prestigious Harvard medical research establishment. Personal tragedy and a peculiar change of events in her connective tissue research lead her on a new path. Who would have thought that her Jewish grandmother, Ida, would become her guru? The research would continue but the focus of her would take a confusing then thrilling shift.

Marina was proud of her progress as a young Bavarian osteopath, making her future while intellectually engaged in the exploration of new ideas to complement the old. Deep tragedy deflects her course, alters all her relationships and leaves all hopes dashed. Her friend and lover adapts to the change but together their futures change.

The three discover that tragedy, life, health do not seem to be as they appear. The door is open. Listening to their heart is the key.


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About the Author
Zachary Comeaux, a teacher, international speaker, and practitioner of Osteopathic Medicine, grew up valuing Nature as a teacher, appreciating the need for balanced lifestyle as a means to health. Training in philosophy, theology and science before medical studies suit him in his approach to the body-mind-spirit paradigm in health care.



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