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Outcast--Green Stone of Healing(R) Book Four by Candace Talmadge

Outcast--Green Stone of Healing(R) Book Four

by Candace Talmadge

256 pages
Helen Andros learns energy skills that could transform Azgard.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Beware of treachery from false allies.

Exiled from the luxury of her fatherís estates to avert potential civil war, Helen Andros takes shelter in mountainous Southern Alta Province with the Altairs. They are the family of her true love, Jackson Orlando, whom she learns goes by his motherís maiden name because he is estranged from his father, Jason. Helen develops a close bond with her belovedís mother, Marlin, and cares for Jason during the manís final days. After Jasonís funeral, Maguari the Mist-Weaver warns that the life of Helenís father also could be cut short if Lord James Mordecai does not take steps to avert disaster.

Concerns about betrayal prompt Lord James and Orlando to move Helen again, to a remote hunting lodge where her father and mother spent time together many years ago. There she finds and takes in the homeless children of the Sin-Eater and makes friends with their father, all of whom are as much social outcasts among the rugged regionís proud inhabitants as Helen is among the Toltec ruling class.

Together, Helen and Obediah Sheen, the Sin-Eater, learn from Maguari life-altering advanced skills in energy-manipulation. The otherworldly alien mentor also teaches Helen how to use the green stone and chain together for more rapid and powerful healing and self-protection. Although Helen does not yet know it, her newfound abilities could change the balance of power in Azgard.

Helen's father faces ever more strident political opposition while a false ally advances a plot to slay him as the first step in usurping the Kingship. Lucan Silenas, second in command of the state-supported Temple of Kronos, learns about the Andros family's hidden royal ancestry. Silenas also hatches one scheme to take command of the Temple by poisoning the current Supreme Lord, and a second to abduct Helen and use her as the foundation for a half-breed breeding program once he pays for information about her true hiding place.

The son of the Prince of Istar begins a covert sexual relationship with the sister of the Lord Chancellor. When Lady Elza Palladinís pregnancy outside of marriage comes to light, Lord Sargon Poseidon denies all responsibility. Prince Seti backs his son publicly to ensure that his heir weds his betrothed, Lady Mary Atlas, a far more valuable marriage partner. The Temple intervenes after Lord Andrew Palladin rashly makes his accusations public. The rift between the two Houses will have enormous impact on Azgardís future politics.

As Book Four concludes, the plot against Lord James reaches its tragic climax. At the same time, unknown assailants arrive at the lodge. Helen and the Sin-Eater use their newly acquired spiritual powers to fend them off and flee with the children, uncertain if help from Orlando will reach them in time.

Her hiding place no longer secret, Helen faces the dangerous prospect of returning to live among those who would slay her and others who will betray her. Now, however, she can and will defend herself in ways her enemies find unimaginable and unbelievable.


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About the Author
A native of Los Angeles, C. L. Talmadge is a professional writer and energy-healer who takes clients to meet their spirit guides. In 1999, under the byline Candace L. Talmadge, she co-authored nonfiction about emotional and spiritual healing based on the Sunan approach. She recently completed a self-help work that teaches a simple method of communicating with souls after death--and before birth.



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