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Fallout--Green Stone of Healing(R) Book Two by Candace Talmadge

Fallout--Green Stone of Healing(R) Book Two

by Candace Talmadge

248 pages
Suffering the Temple's wrath, Helen Andros clashes with her newfound parent.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Removed from active military duty, Helen clashes with her powerful newfound parent, Lord James Mordecai. During a visit to the Andros farm, the home of Helen's mother, one of Helen's caustic remarks pushes the duke to slap her. Judith Altair, best friend of Helen's mother, arranges a compromise.

Back in Shambhala, Helen asks her kinsman, Lord Justin Atlas, to help decode the pattern of chemicals she has found in samples from the blood of the Exalted Lord, Kefren.

Acting on Helen's advice, Lord Justin declares his love to Lord Matthew Shinar, Helen's best friend from her days at medical school. Lord Matthew returns Lord Justin's feelings.

Lord Justin's father, Prince Enoch, receives secret Temple historical documents containing explosive news about half-breeds and the relationship of one half-breed to the Toltecs' God-King, Kronos. He muses about the possibilities of using Helen once he and Lord James sign a marriage contract.

At the Consort's urging, her nephew, Lord Andrew Palladin, invites Helen to the First Blood ceremony for his newborn son. Helen begs to decline the invitation; Lord James insists that she attend. As a result, Helen is beaten unmercifully by order of the Holy One, head of the Temple of Kronos.

Recovering, Helen meets with Lord Matthew and Lord Justin, whose interpretation of the chemical sequence confirms her own suspicions. She devises a counteragent that brings Kefren out of his stupor. Although the letter from Helenís mother enrages Kefren, Lord James appeases his monarch's anger and the two develop a political and legal defense strategy.

During a family gathering, Helen saves Lord Andrew from choking to death. Kefren finds out about an experimental procedure she has devised to help Lord Matthew and orders the academics at the Sacred Academy of Kronos, where Helen obtained her medical training, to discuss the merits of the approach and vote on it. Helen is allowed to go forward and finds a second physician to help her.

Right after the procedure, Helen reluctantly attends a gathering of officer school graduates at her father's manor. She makes an unthinking remark that violates military law. Just as he foresaw, Lord James' sense of duty to his office as Lord Protector compels him to discipline his daughter.

While Helen recovers, Maguari the Mist-Weaver reveals her life as Andros, the half-breed son of Kronos, urging Helen not to allow her anger to divide her from the same father in this life. Helen finally submits to her father's authority, although she still cannot yet call him "Papa."

Kefren orders Lord James and Prince Enoch to sign an accord binding Helen in marriage to Lord Justin. The union is a political move designed to bolster Lord James' standing.

Just before Lord James' trial begins, the Holy One unexpectedly orders Helen to be present at the proceeding. Watching her proud father plead for her yet unable to defend her, Helen has a change of heart and, just as Maguari urged, finds the courage to express it.


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About the Author
Candace Talmadge A native of Los Angeles, C. L. Talmadge is a professional writer and energy-healer who takes clients to meet their spirit guides. In 1999, under the byline Candace L. Talmadge, she co-authored nonfiction about emotional and spiritual healing based on the Sunan approach. She recently completed a self-help work that teaches a simple method of communicating with souls after death--and before birth.



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