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The Scorpions Strike--Green Stone of Healing(R) Book Three by Candace Talmadge

The Scorpions Strike--Green Stone of Healing(R) Book Three

by Candace Talmadge

264 pages
Helen Andros learns to use the green stone for healing.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Lord James Mordecai is acquitted of the adultery charge, but endures harsh punishment for lesser offenses against the Temple of Kronos that are related to his relationship with Miriam Andros, the Turanian mother of the series' first-generation heroine, Helen Andros.

While Lord James is unconscious from his punishment, the Temple's Supreme Lord, Ezekiel Malachi, injures Helen while putting a death mark on her and revoking the medical credentials she earned at the Sacred Academy of Kronos. Helen escapes Kindred House with the help of her secret love, Colonel Jackson Orlando, acting as Lord Protector during Lord Jamesí incapacity.

Aided by Maguari the Mist-Weaver and Isaac Sudras, the Academy's Grand Master and her longtime mentor, Helen finds and removes a lethal agent hidden in her father's welts, foiling one attempt to assassinate him even as another plot from a different source moves forward.

For safety, Helen moves north to her father's manor in Alta Province, guarded by Orlando and a special detail of soldiers. She encounters a member of her father's household staff who threatens her, but says nothing about it.

Lord James resumes his duties as Lord Protector. At the order of the Exalted Lord, Kefren, Malachi investigates those members of the priest-healers who conspired to kill Lord James. The Temple's scheming second in command, Lucan Silenas, suborns the investigation.

Meanwhile, Helen deeply misses the father to whom she is finally reconciled. Maguari begins to teach her the first steps of kura manipulation, instructing her in how to use energy to be with her parent in spirit. Helen immediately has a vision of being attacked the Temple warrior monks who are tracking her down to slay her, but she remains silent about it as well.

Fully recovered from his wounds, Lord James marries Lady Samantha Poseidon, Kefren's niece, who soon becomes pregnant. Judith Altair, the best friend of Helen's mother and counselor to the wealthy and powerful, recognizes the energy of the soul to be born anew into the body of Lord Jamesí and Lady Samantha's child. It is the spirit of her dear friend, Miriam.

Lord James' political enemies continue to hound him relentlessly and the Toltecs' legislative body, the Kinshazen, becomes even more polarized. Kefren's nephew and heir once removed, Lord Sargon Poseidon, launches a campaign to seduce Lady Elza Palladin, the Consort's niece, which could have disastrous political consequences if Lady Elza should become pregnant out of wedlock.

Thanks to more of Silenas' schemes, the Temple almost succeeds in slaying Helen, with Lady Samantha nearly suffering a miscarriage due to the attack. Helen uses the green stone to heal mother and child.

The Temple attempts to use the birth of his son to compel Lord James to surrender his daughter to death. Judith, however, has foreseen this outcome and persuaded Orlando to prepare for the eventuality of hiding Helen. As Book Three ends, Helen again must part with a parent and flee into the unknown to avoid danger and, this time, to avert civil war.


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About the Author
Candace Talmadge A native of Los Angeles, C. L. Talmadge is a professional writer and energy-healer who takes clients to meet their spirit guides. In 1999, under the byline Candace L. Talmadge, she co-authored nonfiction about emotional and spiritual healing based on the Sunan approach. She recently completed a self-help work that teaches a simple method of communicating with souls after death--and before birth.



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