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How to Beat the Odds and Sell Your Manuscript to a Big New York Publisher by Cyn Mobley

How to Beat the Odds and Sell Your Manuscript to a Big New York Publisher

by Cyn Mobley

40 pages
Beat Odds Sell Manuscript to New York Publisher

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About the Book
Why do you want to be published by a big New York house?

It sounds like a silly question, but itís really not. Different writers have different reasons for wanting to see their words in print.

Here are a few thoughts and options.

I want to see my words in print.
Tons of options. You donít need a big New York publisher.

I want to change the world.
Start changing the world. THEN write your book. Follow Al Goreís plan: get elected VP and invent something important, like the Internet. Iím serious. For nonfiction books, which these sorts often are, you need a platform first. You need fans, followed and perhaps your own cult FIRST. Then you need a book.

I want to be rich and famous.
Go to law school. The average income for a freelance writer is around $5,000. Royalties on books range from 5%-15% of cover price. Average print runs in SF, for instance, run 2000-5000. For hard covers, the first print run may be as low as 1000 copies. It will take a year or two for your book to make it to the bookstores.

I want lots of manufacturing support for my book and I donít care if I have any say in what the cover looks like or what the title is. I want widespread distribution and Iím willing to write the sort of book that will benefit from simple shelf presence, i.e. exactly the same but different. I donít mind that it will take a year or two for my book to come out and Iím willing to do the same marketing that I would have done if Iíd self-published.
Congratulations! Youíre New York material!

This ebook will help you sort out your publishing options and give you some insight into what itís going to be like. Iíll take you inside the numbers games and the career planning so that you can make realistic decisions about whether you really want a big New York publisher.

I've been published by a number of large New York publishers and I run a small publishing company myself. There are tons of things to love about being published by New York -- and tons of traps for the new writer.


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About the Author
USA Today bestselling author Cyn Mobley has been published by Berkley, St. Martins Press, Avon, Lyons and Alpha Press. Her books are frequently optioned for film. A former lawyer and black belt in karate, Mobley now runs Greyhound Books and Bushido Press. She lives in the South with her Greyhounds and Airedales.



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