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The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living by Peter Bowerman

The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living

by Peter Bowerman

320 pages
A step-by-step "how-to" for profitably self-publishing your book (esp. non-fiction).

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About the Book

Want to get published? Do it yourself – and make a living from it!

Here’s the proven blueprint that built a full-time income from one book!

Landing a publisher has never been harder… And even when you do, count on anemic royalty rates, 18 to 24 months to publication, and giving up the rights to your book. And you’ll still be expected to do most of the marketing yourself!

There’s a better way. Thanks to the Internet, self-publishing has become easier, more viable, and more potentially lucrative than ever before.

In 2000, Atlanta-based freelance commercial writer Peter Bowerman self-published The Well-Fed Writer, a detailed how-to for establishing a lucrative commercial freelancing business as described above. The book became an award-winning, triple-book-club selection (Book-of-the-Month, Quality Paperback Book, Writers Digest). In 2005, he self-published a companion volume, TWFW: Back For Seconds (a triple-award-finalist).

The Well-Fed Writer provided him with a full-time living for over four years. Together, the two books - over 50,000 copies in print - extended that to five years (and counting). And all this with no publisher, no agent, no marketing company, and no hefty advertising budget.

In The Well-Fed Self-Publisher, you’ll follow the author’s firsthand experience as you learn how to:

• Develop a “marketing mindset” – minus the anxiety!
• Create a book that turns heads and grabs eyeballs
• Find tons of reviewers anxious to publicize your book
• Get the bookstore chains to come looking for you
• Build a cash-generating web site that works 24/7
• Minimize your dependence on fickle mainstream media
• Parlay one book into multiple income streams
• Separate the “Print-on-Demand” hype from reality

Most importantly, you’ll learn a radical new approach to book promotion, one that keeps you in control. The result: less anxiety, higher profits, and more fun!

Novice or Seasoned…
New to publishing? TWFSP takes you step-by-step through every stage of your publishing success story. Been around the block a few times? You’ll walk away with a whole host of new tools and insights! Far from theoretical, TWFSP is One Big Case Study: the author’s own “real-world” success chronicle!

And unlike most books on self-publishing, TWFSP focuses on both the process and profits – and all in the same engaging, personal, irreverent style that’s made the "Well-Fed Writer" titles enduring standards in the field of lucrative commercial freelancing!

Dan Poynter, the “godfather” of self-publishing and author of 120+ self-published titles, had this to say about TWFSP: “From helping creative types develop a ‘marketing mindset’ to all the nitty-gritty administrative details. From Internet marketing, promotion, and distribution, to building multiple streams of income. This comprehensive reference covers all the bases, and does it with humor and a personal touch. Use it to move past the ‘process’ to the profits of self-publishing.”


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About the Author
Peter Bowerman is the author of the 2000 Book-of-the-Month Club selection, The Well-Fed Writer and its 2005 companion, TWFW: Back For Seconds (both self-published), how-to “standards” on writing for businesses for $50-125/hour. In 2006, he released The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living.



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