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Crafting the Travel Guidebook: How to Write, Publish & Sell Your Travel Book by Barbara Hudgins

Crafting the Travel Guidebook: How to Write, Publish & Sell Your Travel Book

by Barbara Hudgins

288 pages
An indispensable blueprint for writing and publishing the travel guidebook.

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Category: Writing:Travel
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About the Book
The world of travel books is wide--it includes directories, road guides, travel memoirs, outdoor recreation guides, destination and regional guidebooks, restaurant and winery guides, specialized audience guides, luxury, budget, business and adventurous travel--plus all those how-to-do-it books that cater to a variety of readers.

Now, for the first time, you can learn to write a travel book like a pro! Author Barbara Hudgins offers a minimum of hype and a maximum of help for anyone who has ever dreamed of crafting his travel lore into prose. So whether you crave the excitement of adventurous travel or want to describe the historic houses in your state; whether you want to journal about back-packing through South America, pen a kid-oriented guide to the islands or a round-up of the city's best clubs, the place to start is with this user-friendly book.

Inside Crafting the Travel Guidebook you will learn:

* How to find your category
* How to create a format
* How to find your audience
* Travel writing and research tips
* How to write a book proposal

In addition, there is a 15-page list of book publishers who welcome travel writers. All this in addition to information about maps, photographs and picture captions, copyright and plagiarism problems, editing and proofing and finally,after publication, the steps to publicity and promotion.

"Simply indispensable reading" says the Midwest Book Review.


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About the Author
Barbara Hudgins is the author of a best-selling regional guidebook and many travel articles. She has worked as a librarian as well as a copywriter, spent many years as a self-publisher and as an author for a traditional publisher. Her books have sold well over 100,000 copies.



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