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Halfmoon Confidential by Edward Fotheringill

Halfmoon Confidential

by Edward Fotheringill

244 pages
An aging philosopher searches for a sense of identity.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
Alexander Lessing, an aging, disgruntled philosophy professor in search of some sense of self, retreats to his idyllic farm in the mountain village of Halfmoon, Vermont. What he finds there is not what he expected. Incongruous presences, harboring the forces of good and evil, haunt Halfmoon and its environs, imposing on the simple folk that live there psychological and ethical impasses that call out for nothing less than spiritual resolution.

This novel, following Lanterns in the Mist and Darkness Withdrawn OR The Eclipse of Nietzscheís Shadow, is the final volume of Edward Fotheringillís Wisdom Trilogy.


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About the Author
Mr. Fotheringill writes philosophically provocative novels.



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