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Darkness Withdrawn or The Eclipse of Nietzsche's Shadow by Edward Fotheringill

Darkness Withdrawn or The Eclipse of Nietzsche's Shadow

by Edward Fotheringill

296 pages
A murder suspect on the run experiences a spiritual odyssey.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
A body lies dead in an abandoned farmhouse in Durango, Colorado. The killer is on the run in central Europe. An obsessed FBI agent is tracking him, marking time with her own sanity. What lies in store for the hunter and the hunted is as astonishing as it is unpredictable.

In this novel of mystery and suspense, murder and foul play, the zeal for understanding the human condition collides head on with dimensions of spiritual and ethical experience that are intellectually unfathomable. With the spirit of Friedrich Nietzsche mysteriously weaving together the destiny of a series of odd star-crossed characters, this novel illuminates the deep questions of human existence in ways that both challenge and inspire.


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About the Author
Edward Fotheringill writes novels featuring provocative philosophical themes. His first novel, Lanterns in the Mist, is also published by Booklocker.



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